Chicagoland Canoe Base

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Business for sale. Owner retiring.


Inventory here, inventory there, boats and accessories everywhere. Here's your chance to get ready for the paddling season and save some money on used and past season equipment. Since this gear is priced to move, please call for availability and any additional questions you may have.
Boat Cart Tires
Swedish Folding Cart
Sale:  $ 9.99
16 inches diameter bicycle tire, perfect for building your own kayak or canoe cart. Made originally for Swedish Folding Boat Cart. Price shown for each tire.
Business began here
Sale:  $ 14.95
Business began here in 1823 it still continues. South Bend Mishawka. Beautiful realistic painting (author unknown) reproduction on paper. Total size 36 x 24 in.
Easy Lash System
Old Town
Retail: $ 49.95
Sale:  $ 19.95
The purpose of the design is to provide an "under the gunwale" system for securing flotation bags in the end of a canoe. The need to drill holes completely through the gunwales or the hull of the canoe has been eliminated.
Klepper Master w/ Sail, Excellent Condition
Klepper (1980)
Sale:  $ 3,000.00
Serial No: CLCB081880      Quantity: 1
Marine Scene
Sale:  $ 80.00
Original painting by artist Rita Frese - Oil on canvas.
Parchment Map
Sale:  $ 3.50
Historic parchment map of the Jolliet - Marquette tricentenial voyage, 1673 - 1973 conceived by Ralph Frese. Map lists names of original party and of the men that took their place 300 year later. Quotes from historical records tell the story of the 3000 mile journey from start to finish. 13 x 16 inches.
Seat Back for Rotomolded Seat
Old Town
Retail: $ 49.95
Sale:  $ 29.95
If you have a rotomolded seat in your canoe (OT Discovery, etc), then this will be the ideal solution to have a comfortable back rest. The twart you see in the picture on the floor, have to be bolted underneath the gunwales right behind the seat, and the backrest itself stands up bolted and secured with wing nuts on the twart.
Small Oaks
Minnesota Hystoric Museum
Sale:  $ 14.95
Oil on canvas, by Frederic Remington, reproduction on heavy paper. The original at Frederic Remington Museum Ogdensburg, NY. total size 17 x 15 in.
Voyageurs at Dawn
Minnesota Hystoric Museum
Sale:  $ 29.95
By: Frances Anne Hopkins; 1871 Format: Poster Reproduction from Oil on Canvas, 28 in x 21 in Publisher: MHS Press (1993). Fur Trade Art Reproductions National Archives of Canada, Ottawa. The start of the canoe men's day in a campsite along the stony shores of Lake Superior. As one voyageur stands and gazes out into the early morning forg, perhaps looking for clues to the day's weather and travel conditions, others still slumber beneath an overturned canoe or begin cooking breakfast and preparing for the trip ahead.
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