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Unusual Projects

At the Chicagoland Canoe Base, no boat building or repair project is too unusual for us. Below are a few samples of the unique restoration and original construction projects we have undertaken.

Shell of a wooden canoe being canvased.
Canvased shell made ready for the application of filler prior to finishing trim and painting.
The carving of four dugout canoes for the TV mini-series CENTENNIAL.
Roughened out with a chainsaw, the final shaping was done with a canoe adze. The green cottonwood was finished to a weathered gray.
The buoyant dugout was patterned after a sketch of a dugout done on the Platte River in 1851, the locale of the film.
The legendary Old Town CANADIENNE, designed by Ralph Frese. Production of this canoe ceased in 2000 except for custom models made at the Chicagoland Canoe Base in lengths from 14 feet to 20 feet. Bell Canoe Works will be producing the 17 foot version in various kevlar layups beginning in October, 2001.

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