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Klepper Master - Rare to find one in such pristine condition!

A Rare Opportunity!

A Klepper "Master", in mint condition, complete with sail rig.  Three boats in one, a masterpiece of folding boat construction.  It is a thrilling sailboat; a reliable rowboat for the fisherman; it is a speedy motorboat with up to 5 HP outboard engines.
Folds compactly into three bags.  The sail rig is in a separate bag.  Dimensions are: length 11'10", beam 4', weight 108 lbs. Color: blue deck and silver hull. 
Sail Rig: 77 sq feet of Dacron sails, Marconi-rigged sloop rig. Stainless steel shrouds, spruce mast and booms. Weight 42 lbs.
A true classic no longer in production. This is your chance to own one for  the bargain price $3,500 FOB Chicago
Ideal for a camping trailer family, a  fishing enthusiast or skin diver.
Thrilling sailing with easy reefing in strong winds. 
When the winds die, rig can easily be dismantled for other activities.
If you're interested in this watercraft, please click here to email us or call directly at 773-777-1489.

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