Chicagoland Canoe Base
"Other roads do some violence to Nature,
and bring the traveler to stare at her.
but the river steals into the scenery it
traverses without intrusion,
silently creating and adorning it,
and is free to come and go as the zephyr."

   Henry David Thoreau.
    in The Concord and the Merrimack

"The canoe and the kayak offer the only trail thru nature that leaves no trace of your passing."

   Ralph C. Frese.
    Prop., Chicagoland Canoe Base

Marc Miller, Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, in the bowof one of our 34 foot birchbark replicas. He autographed it: To Ralph Frese,My good friend, Marc Miller, Director Illinois DNR 

The staff at Chicagoland Canoe Base play an active role in the conservation of our local waterways. This section of our site is dedicated to promoting the projects, ideas, and current dialogue that organizations and individual paddlers have started, with the hope that more progress can made.

Help us to keep our local waterways accessible and retain their natural beauty by speaking up and sharing your experiences with us.

Water Trails - This month, we share an article written by our resident paddling legend, Ralph Frese on the state of our local water trails. Learn more about what is being done to increase access to our local streams and rivers and some ideas for new future conservation projects.

The Des Plaines Canoe Marathon - A 50 year old tradition for kids, families and local paddlers that encourgages the conservation of our local water trails. The history of the marathon and how it has evolved into a historic local paddling event.

The Skokie Lagoon - A look at the conservation efforts to preserve and beautify the Skokie Lagoon, a popular Chicago area water trail.

Conservation Links - A growing list of conservation related links on the Internet. Help our local waterways by supporting these organizations and dedicated individuals.

The Fox - A tribute to one of the giants in environmental activism.

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