Chicagoland Canoe Base

Kayak and Canoe Sailing

Almost any canoe or kayak can be rigged for sailing. Polyethylene hulls can be difficult to work with. Most commercial rigs available lack many desirable features. We have adapted many old Grumman saile rigs to modern craft with great success. We also have plans for home-built rigs. Contact us for more information.

Since the 1800s, the canoe has been called "the poor mans yacht" be cause of all the things one can do with it.

Sailing adds a new dimension of fun to the traditional craft.


A beautiful Bell "Rob Roy" kayak custom rigged as a sailing trimaran for fast and safe sailing on large open bodies of water. The rudder fitting was molded onto the stern and a push/pull tiller used instead of ropes. The pontoons were supported by a 7" wide crossplank allowing the sailor to sit out to windward with his feet in the cockpit in strong winds. The kayak can be reverted back to a paddling craft in less than five minutes.

The design is patterned after the famous MEAD GLIDER sailing kayaks produced in downtown Chicago from the 1920s until the 1940s.



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