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Because we think that Yakima are the best roof racks on the market, we feature them, and can provide you any of their products. Why they are the best ? Yakima promotes the advantages of round cross bars. RoundBars allow for alignment of accessories on sloping roofs, permits turning accessories down when not in use for better aerodynamics, and are 15% stronger than competing carriers.

We stock the basic roof racks for almost any kind of car or truck, and the accessories for transporting kayaks and canoes. For difficult situations, we can install side loaders (gutters), to permit the installation of a "Raingutter tower". Please keep in your mind that we are not just a store, we have a workshop and with Ralph's blacksmithing skills, we can find a solution for any problem you have.

If you want to find the proper fit for your car, you can click here to visit the Yakima's website and go to "Choose my rack" in the main menu. Make sure you know the manufacturer, model and the year your car was made. Or let the staff at the Chicagoland Canoe Base assist you in making a proper choice.



Is the starting point for carrying your gear and toys on the top of your vehicle. A Base Rack System consist of towers and crossbars, which attach to your naked roofline or factory installed luggage racks.

The Bars.

Because the bars are the same for any rack, we will start with them.  The bars come in four different lengths: 48", 58", 66" and 78". In the Yakima's rack descriptions, they recommend the MINIMUM length crossbar, but we suggest no shorter than 58" and you can install longer bars if carrying more than one watercraft, etc.

The prices are: 48" and 58" = $70

                         66" and 78" = $70

For cars with raingutters: Rain Gutter Tower



This classic tower clamps on your raingutter with steel jaws


  • Attaches to vehicles with raingutters, or to camper shells and caps with Yakima side - laoder brackets mounted
  • Adjust to non-parallel raingutters

Part # 00101 - set of four

Price: $159

For cars without raingutters:Q - Tower


Quick and versatile - the ultimate in a tower system.


  • Fits more naked roofs than any other tower system;
  • Self-adjusting for virtually any roof curvature with ball and socket mechanism;
  • Quick installation with quick cam;
  • Strong stainless steel clips fit under tight doors.

Part# 00124 - set of four

Price: $159


Q Stretch Kit For carying long loads on short roofs.


  • Increase space between crossbars on short-roofed vehicles;
  • For specific information call us at 773-777-1489 or see Yakima's website.

Part#: 00134

Price: $130


Q Clips Thin and perfectly shaped clips fit your doorframe like a glove. Your particular Q-Clip will look similar to those pictured here. Call us at 773-777-1489 to determine which clip will fit your specific vehicle.


  • Designed specifically for your vehicle
  • Essential to mount Q Towers

Part #: 00601 - 00732

Price: $35 per pair


For cars with factory rack systems.

Note: A factory installed luggage rack is meant to hold the luggage in between the bars, not to carry weights on them. If you want to safely transport your boat at highway speeds, you need a Yakima rack.


Low Rider Tower will quickly clamp on to most luggage rack side rails..


  • Broader range of fit - from small to big rails;
  • Grabs hold of the crossbar with an iron grip;
  • Low profile provides sleek, integrated look;
  • Install towers in seconds with a simple lever turn
  • Custom modeled rubber pads on tower body;

Part # 00118

Price: $150


Control Tower Multi - purpose landing pads, sold separately, allow this tower to attach to tracks, naked roofs and everything in between. We specialize in their installation.


  • Quick and easy installation to Landing Pads;
  • Cam-fit design provides solid, secure fit to car;
  • Adjust crossbar spread on track applications;
  • Lower profile provides sleek, integrated look;

Part # 00214

Price: $159


SKS Lock Cores give you instant security for lockable Yakima accessories.


  • Fits all lockable accessories;
  • Included same key fits everything from tower locks to accessory locks.

Sold in sets of :

Two: Part # 0702, Price: $ 35

Four: Part #7204, Price: $55

Six:: Part #7206, Price: $75

Eight:: Part #7208, Price: $85

Ten: Part #7210, Price: $95

Twelve: Part #7222, Price: $110


Load Stop.  A simple attachment that keeps loads from shifting side to side at high speeds and windy conditions.


  • Carries ladders, lumber, canoes, with sturdy L-shaped brackets;
  • Safely holds loads by preventing lateral shifts with gripping ribbed surface;
  • Holds thicker, taller loads with a higher vertical edge.

Part # 05000 - set of four

Price: $55


Mako Saddles. Sleek shark-like design with a suckerfish hold on your kayak.


  • Fit touring kayaks and long recreational boats;
  • Conform to boat hull shape using an ergonomic, form-fitting cradle;
  • Boat secured when strap is tightened and soft pads lift to grip the boat's hull;
  • Sold in pairs so you can make a custom set-up with HullyRollers or another pair of Makos;

Part # 04037

Price: $ 69


Hully Rollers. Holds tight like a saddle, but gets your kayak moving when it's time to load or unload from the rear of vehicle.


  • Fits any hull shape thanks to U-joint rollers;
  • Makes loading and unloading a breeze using pivoting rollers;
  • Sold in pairs so you can make a set with Makos or another pair of rollers;

Part # 04035

Price: $89


Boat Loader. It's slides out of the crossbar to allow loading one end of a boat at a time alongside your car without scratching your vehicle.


  • Easier loading of boats on tall vehicles;
  • Extendable arm retracts into RoundBar when not in use;
  • Intuitive design helps keep boat away from car while loading;

Part # 04018

Price: $79


Kayak Stacker. A single vertical mount that holds two kayaks on edge in the space of one upright craft.


  • Carries kayaks on edge with coated steel posts;
  • Quickly tie off boats using the versatile "arrow" top hook;
  • Quick and easy installation onto round or square crossbars;
  • One pair of new HeavyDuty Straps with padded buckles included;

Part # 04024

Price: $109


Hull Raiser. A padded J-Craddle that will keep kayaks secure while you zip through traffic.


  • Ideal support for touring and recreational kayaks;
  • Craddles and protects virtually any kayak shape;
  • Best use of cross bar space with versatile J-Craddle design;

Part # 04029

Price: $119

In addition to everything you can see here, Yakima has many other accessories for bikes, skis, for pick-up trucks, cargo boxes, etc. We have presented you with the minimum necessary for a basic rack and a few kayak and canoe accessories, but if you need anything not in stock, we will be happy to special order and install it for you.

Again, we are not just another retail store. We create ideas and solutions for you.

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